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Home Office Tips
When choosing a countertop color and finish for your new home office, first coordinate it into your color scheme.  The things to think about are:  what will it look like if you later repaint or redo the floor?; how would potential buyers like the color if ever reselling;  and does it fit in with the rest of the home's colors?  An important tip is to choose a color that is not so dark that all the dust will show, or so light that ink marks will show.  A good finish would be a matte finish in a medium tone or medium to light tone.  Shiny finishes will tend to show fingerprints.  The more contrast the top has with the color of the papers and work items on it, the more work the eye must do to adjust to the color change.  Some newer plastic laminates have a textured surface to look like stone.  Remember that you want it to be smooth enough to write on.
Tips for Storing Artwork
Did you know that long term storage can destroy artwork and similar items if not properly prepared? *The use of archival papers or plastic can prevent this.  If you have a nice art piece, the best way is to wrap it in archival polyethylene plastic.  Then it can be placed in a mirror box or other similar slim box, and stored upright.  This will keep out moisture, and you may avoid  the discolorations sometimes seen.  Try to store it in an atmosphere that doesn't have temperature extremes.  Find the supplies at a local art store, or try
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